About Me

Hello there, thank you for dropping by my blog (●´ω`●)
I’d probably keep this introduction simple and short. I started to be part of Second Life in the year 2014. However, I haven’t been actively around till November 2018 and start developing more interest in becoming an active blogger till mid-late 2019.

I like to take it easy in the things I like to do therefore I would most likely post around 2 – 4 posts every week (However, if I could do more, I’d post more depends on how fast I could finish up the edit!). In terms of creativity wise on how I express it onto my photography art in Second Life, sometimes it could come unexpected such as symbolism , a story to tell either from what I’m feeling or the music I’m listening to. It’s just *kaapooof* and a *Ting !🙌🏻* and I will try to execute how I’ve imagine it. It can also be as simple as showcasing the outfits itself on an angle. In terms of the editing skills that I’m still developing constantly throughout the year of my blogging experience. I realized that I will adjust the editing accordingly to fit the creator’s style therefore I don’t have a specific style, it’s more of flexibility.

Any inquires feel free to drop a notecard, IM or leave a mail on the contact panel!
Thank you for your support!

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Jaqcuis ❤